Masonry Restoration in Spokane Valley

Buildings and structures, either commercial or residential, built with brick or stone are known for their strength and durability, but after many years of bad weather in Spokane Valley, leaks and other damaging factors, they can become weak and lose their aesthetic appeal. After all, there is a difference between durable and indestructible. The good news is that your residential or commercial building’s brick and stone can be restored.

If your building’s façade has started to degrade, you don’t need to panic. But what you do need to do is call Murphy Masonry LLC. Murphy Masonry LLC has been proud to provide masonry restoration to commercial, residential and historic buildings in the Spokane Valley area for many years. Whether your building has suffered from braving the elements, thermal expansion and contraction or it has simply reached the end of its service life, our restoration specialists have successfully breathed new life into all sorts of structures in the area.

You won’t find more experienced masons than the ones we have on staff at Murphy Masonry LLC. And when it comes to restoring masonry, there is no asset more valuable than experience. Hiring inexperienced contractors who may not know that your particular building is incompatible with certain materials and construction techniques. Make sure your building’s restoration is in the right hands and contact Murphy Masonry LLC today.

For a free consultation with our masonry restoration experts, just give us a call and we will be happy to arrange it at a time that works for you.

Our Masonry Restoration Process

Whenever we are contracted to restore a Spokane Valley building’s masonry work, we begin the restoration process with a comprehensive assessment. We need to identify the problems with the structure and its materials as this will determine how we proceed with the rest of the project.

After we have carefully inspected your building’s brick or stone, we will explain your different options for restoration complete with a work schedule and a quote for the project. Typically, building owners will be able to choose between tuckpointing, replacement and rebuilding. However, our experience restoring masonry means that we can also craft custom restoration solutions.

Once the restoration is complete, our work isn’t finished. Our commitment to our clients extends far beyond the initial task, which means we stay available to provide essential maintenance in the future because we want your building to stand tall for as long as possible.

Why Choose Murphy Masonry LLC?

As we have mentioned many times, Murphy Masonry LLC’s staff is the most experienced masons in the area. But beyond our experience, our company believes in clear pricing. All too often, customers get rubbed the wrong way by contractors giving them vague quotes and slapping them with hidden fees when the project is complete. We treat you with the same respect that we treat your building.

Contact Murphy Masonry LLC Today

As the most experienced masonry restoration specialists in Spokane Valley, we guarantee that your building, whether it’s residential, commercial or historic, will look as good as new when we’re through with it. Call us today to arrange your restoration consultation.